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Motivational Student Monday: Meet Senia Foster

Utah State University introduces Senia Foster, Grad-student specializing in Medieval Irish history. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at Utah State, Senia decided to stay on as a master’s student, saying, “The faculty is fantastic…. as I was applying they were really helping me and a couple of them showed interest in having me work for them.” Talking about her thesis research, Senia mentioned that she has decided to dig back to her own ancestral roots: the Butler family of Kilkenny, Ireland, who was, “The most powerful family in Ireland for about 600 years”. Senia has also recently finished co-curating an exhibit in the basement of the Merrill-Cazier Library entitled, Transform, which features facsimile editions of Medieval and Early Modern books. The exhibit discusses, “how books, manuscripts and … facsimiles change society and change through time”. Next summer, Senia plans to travel to Dublin to do some research on the Butlers in the National Archives, after which she will go to Valetta, Malta to present at the Mediterranean Studies Association Conference of 2017. Aside from her time spent at school, Senia reports that she loves Lord of the Rings, baking, and spending time with her family.

To read the full interview click Senia Foster

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