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The Department of History's primary mission is to train undergraduates to research, analyze, synthesize, and communicate accurate conclusions about change over time by using the historical method. At the same time we aim to inculcate cultural literacy and provide the knowledge necessary for informed decision making by citizens of Utah, the United States, and the world.

This mission is reflected in the responsibilities of the History Department. Serving the undergraduate population through general education, general interest courses, the History major, the History Teaching major, minors in History and Classics, and interdisciplinary programs we give our students crucial work skills as well as enriching their lives.

On the graduate level the History Department prepares MA and MS students to research, teach, edit, and administrate by further enhancing their ability to ask hard questions, research them, and communicate their conclusions clearly. In addition we emphasize the acquisition of the skills of open inquiry and debate as well as team work and collaboration.

Graduation for our master's students



Debating the Russian Revolution in Dr. Brunstedt's class

Russian Revolution class