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Graduate Studies

The USU History Department offers both a master's in arts and a master's in science in history in a two-year program aimed at providing quality teaching and research opportunities for students.

Why choose USU?


A graduate degree in history prepares students to research, teach, edit, and manage by enhancing their ability to ask hard questions, research answers, and communicate their conclusions clearly. We emphasize the acquisition of the skills of open inquiry and debate as well as team work and collaboration. To earn an MA in history, students must gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages. (Doctoral programs in history require proficiency in a second language.) The MS degree requires students to incorporate computer, social, or natural science into their research in lieu of a foreign language. A course plan will be developed for each student in their first year.

The university requires all students wishing to pursue graduate study to apply for admission directly to the USU School of Graduate Studies. This process requires the submission of an application fee, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and transcripts. Only completed applications for our program are forwarded electronically to the History Department Graduate Selection Committee.

Dr. Victoria Grieve, Director of Graduate Studies

Office: Main 321G
Phone: 435-797-0145
Department of History
0710 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-0710

Current Graduate Student news - Summer Research Grants

Kirtan   Nicholas Redmon in Berlin
Kirtan Patel spent his summer doing research in India for his thesis   Nicholas Redmon conducted research in Berlin for his project on memory of the Berlin Wall

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