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History and History Teaching Major (BA/BS)

Mission Statement

Learning Objectives

Assessment & Sustainability

Assessment Plan Overview

Assessment Reports
Assessment Report (2018) - coming in March!
Assessment Report and Strategic Planning (2017)
Assessment Report (2016)
Assessment Report and Changes (2014)
Assessing Student Learning through Assignments (2012)

Senior capstone rubric
Intro survey goals
Rubric for lower-division survey course
Rubric for upper-division course

Data Collected 2010-2018

2017-19 Qualitative Data Project
Faculty Assignment Assessments 2018-19 (in progress)
Faculty Assignment Assessments 2017-18

HIST 4990 Capstone Data

HIST 4990 Oral Presentation data, 2015-2018
HIST 4990 Evaluation (SP18)
HIST 4990 Evaluation (F17)

HIST 4990 Evaluation (SP17)
HIST 4990 Evaluation (SP16)
HIST 4990 Evaluation (F14)
Senior Capstone & Library Skills Assessment, 2013

HIST 3000 Methods Course Data
HIST 3000 Reflections (SP17)
HIST 3000 Evaluations (SP16)
HIST 3000 Evaluations (F16)

History Teaching Praxis Exam data
History Teaching Praxis Exam data, 2018
History Teaching Praxis Exam data, 2017

History Teaching Praxis Exam data, 2016

Surveys and Other Data
Employment data
Undergraduate Interest Survey, Fall 2013
Student / Faculty Collaborative Publications
Student responses to rubric: lower-division
Student responses to rubric: upper-division
Graduating Students Survey, May 2014

External Measures and Reports
Regents Review (2017-18) -- Self Study; External Review
College General Education Pathways
Student-Designed DQP Spiderweb
Employer Focus Group Report on History Majors (Dec. 2010)
Employer Focus Group Report on History Teaching Majors (May 2011)
History department portfolio
Regents Review 2010

Data-Based Decisionmaking 2017-18

Graduate History degrees (MA/MS)

Religious Studies Major (BA/BS)