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If you would like to play a particular character, request any open role by filling out the form below. The roles of gods are reserved for professors and returning alumni. It's a good idea to list several roles you'd like because they go fast. Once Juppiter Optimus Maximus has assigned you a role, feel free to to contact fellow players and start arranging alliances, planning strategies and plotting assassinations. To see who is playing other roles, check this list regularly. It will be updated every few days.

Please note that, if all mortal roles are taken, we will begin doubling the roles of senatores—not matronae, imperatores or reges!—so once all roles are filled, players may begin to request to be the geminus ("twin") of any role listed as a senator below.

If you wish other players to communicate with you prior to the Game (for strategizing purposes and general premeditated malfeasance), please include the email address at which you can be contacted. It will be linked to your name. 

Not sure what role you'd like to play?

Check out the Ludi Romani description page

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Current Roster

Imperatores (Generals)

Name Player
Gaius Octavius Caesar (Octavian)  
Marcus Antonius (Antony)  
Marcus Aemilius Lepidus  
Marcus Junius Brutus  
Gaius Cassius Longinus  
Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius  
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa  

Matronae (Noble Women)

Name Player
Servilia Caepionis  
Livia Drusilla  
Atia Balba Caesonia  
Octavia Thurina  
Calpurnia Pisonis  

Senatores (Senators)

Name Player Geminus
Marcus Tullius Cicero    
Aulus Hirtius    
Gaius Vibius Pansa    
Decimus Brutus    
Publius Ventidius    
Lucius Munatius Plancus    
Asinius Pollio    
Servilius Isauricus    
Lucius Marcius Philippus    
Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus    
Quintus Fufius Calenus    
Lucius Antonius    
Lucius Cornelius Balbus    
Gaius Maecenas    
Quintus Salvidienus Rufus    
Publius Cornelius Dolabella    
Marcus Lucius Crassus    
Quintus Pedius    
Marcus Messala Corvinus    

Reges (Kings)

Name Player
Cleopatra/Ptolemy (Egypt)  
Bogud (Mauritania)  
Ariovistus (Germania)  
Pacorus (Parthia)