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Student Testimonials

"When I’m not in class, at work, asleep, or doing homework, chances are I can be found up Logan canyon roasting marshmallows over a campfire and discussing Latin syntax with a motley bunch of friends who find language nearly as fascinating as I do."

--Katherine Shakespeare

"Latin not only taught me about grammar, sentence structure, and history, it taught me how to think analytically and how to pay attention to subtleties in language." 

--A former student

"As I'm starting my post-graduate work, I'm conscious of just how amazing my teachers at USU were, and how excellent the classical language program is there. I learned so much from them. They give students a high quality education for which I'm sure many, like myself, are profoundly grateful.

--Eli Brayley

Alumni (Gods) at the Ludi Romani (Roman Games)

Susan Shapiro and Jeremy Furner (student)

Students playing the Game

Students receiving book prizes at our annual celebration of Classics at USU