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Faculty Publications

Recently Published

Victoria Grieve

Little Cold Warriors: American Childhood in the 1950s 
Oxford University Press

Grieve cover

Seth Archer 

Sharks upon the Land: Colonialism, Indigenous Health, and Culture in Hawai'i, 1778-1855
Cambridge University Press 

Seth's book cover

2017 Faculty Publications

Sophie de Schaepdrijver and Tammy M. Proctor,
An English Governess in the Great War: The Secret Brussels Diary of MaryThorp (2017), Oxford University Press

Susan R. Grayzel and Tammy M. Proctor, eds.,
Gender & The Great War (2017), Oxford University Press

Tammy M. Proctor, World War I: A Short History (2017), Wiley Blackwell

James Sanders, (translated by Isidro Vanegas) as Republicanos indóciles: Política popular, raza y clase en Colombia, siglo XIX. Bogotá: Ediciones Plural

Dominic Sur, Entering the Way of the Great Vehicle: Dzogchen as the Culmination of the Mahayana (2017), Snow Lion

2017 Emeritus Publications

Robert McPherson,  Both Sides of the Bullpen: Navajo Trade and Posts, University of Oklahoma Press

Robert McPherson,  Cowboying in Canyon Country 

2016 Faculty Publications

John Barton, Upon the Shoulders of Giants: A History of Utah State University’s Regional Campus System 1967 – 2015,
Published by USU Office of the Provost and the Regional Campus Deans, Logan, UT

Ravi Gupta and Kenneth R. Valpey,  The Bhagavata Purana: Selected Readings, Columbia University Press

Robert S. McPherson, Fighting in Canyon Country: Native American Conflict, 500 AD to the 1920s, Dog Ear Publishing

Robert S. McPherson and Susan Neel, Mapping the Four Corners, Narrating the Hayden Survey of 1875, University of Oklahoma Press

E.B. Wheeler and Jeffery Bateman, No Peace with the Dawn: A Novel of the Great War, Bonneville Books