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Maria Diaz

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Department of History

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

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DialPhone: 435-797-1301

Educational Background

PhD, History, (Latino/a studies), University of Florida, 2013
MA, History, University of Florida, 2009
BA, History, University of North Carolina Greensboro, 2007


Maria Angela Diaz is Assistant Professor of Nineteenth Century U.S. history at Utah State University. She graduated from the University of Florida with her Masters degree in 2009 and Ph.D in American history in 2013, with a specialization in Civil War Era United States southern history and a minor teaching field in Latina/o studies. Diaz’s main areas of research include the American South, the Civil War era, borderlands studies, slavery, race, American imperialism and territorial expansion. She published “To Conquer the Coast: Pensacola, the Gulf of Mexico and the Construction of American Imperialism, 1820-1848” in the Florida Historical Quarterly. Her current book project is entitled Saving the Southern Empire: Territorial Expansion in the Gulf South and Latin America, 1845-1865 and is based on her dissertation. It addresses the importance of the Gulf South to U.S. and southern efforts at expansion in Latin America during the Civil War Era. By examining the role that expansionists in the Gulf South played in crafting ideas about southern empire and territorial expansion in Latin America this project also uncovers the ways in which white southerners helped to shape images of Latin American nations and people for decades to come.

Teaching Interests

Teaching interests include: U.S. history, the nineteenth century, Civil War and Reconstruction, African American history, and slavery.

Research Interests

Research interests include: the Civil War Era, the U.S. South, race, slavery, territorial expansion, imperialism, the nineteenth century, and the Gulf of Mexico.

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    • Diaz, M.A, To Carry that Burden: The Texas Cart War and the Place of Mexican Laborers in an Antebellum Southern Landscape: Reviving Southern Labor History: Race, Class, and Power. University Press of Florida

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        • Diaz, M.A, (2016). To Conquer the Coast: the Florida Frontier and the Construction of American Imperialism, 1820-1848. Florida Historical Quarterly, 95:1, 1-25.

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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  HIST 6400 - Special Topics: American History, Fall 2017

                  HIST 2700 - United States to 1877, Fall 2017