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Anna Hubbard Gets a Jump-start on Her Career


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anna hubbard

Undergraduate Anna Hubbard grew up in the small farm town of Grace, Idaho. Her love of history began with the stories she heard about her grandfather, a navigator in the Mediterranean and North Africa theatre during World War II.

The youngest of nine children, Hubbard is now President of the Phi Alpha Theta chapter at USU where she is majoring in history and Chinese. Ultimately she hopes to go on to law school and practice law.

Hubbard talks with us about the spring CHaSS Alumni Networking Night and how it got her one step closer to achieving that goal.


At the CHaSS networking event, I had a chance to talk to both of the attorneys who were there. I asked about the best track to law school, and how best to balance hobbies and family with work. I also asked them if they had any advice for how I might get a job at a law firm now, even though I’m not in law school yet. They said just keep working hard.


About three weeks later, I received an email from attorney Gary Anderson informing me that a position was opening in his law firm. He wondered if I was interested in interviewing. I certainly was! I called my uncle who is a lawyer and asked his advice on what I should do in the interview. I had absolutely nothing to recommend me for the position. I have no previous legal work experience, and I am still in college. Ultimately, I was completely honest about this at the interview. When they asked what made me right for the job, I told them I am a very hard worker, a fast learner, and a good writer.


Ultimately, I made it through the interviews and was hired. I am now the legal assistant to Gary Anderson and two other attorneys in our law firm, Hillyard, Anderson, and Olsen. I absolutely love my job. It was a steep learning curve, but after being hired, I studied to become a notary for the various legal documents that we handle at the firm. Every day I meet with clients, and draft and notarize legal documents such as trusts, affidavits, petitions to the court, and deeds. I handle the billing for my attorneys and communicate with clients daily through email, phone, and mail. Thankfully, they allow me to leave work every day so I can go to my classes and then return later.


Another reason I’ve been lucky with the job is that I had to ask for three weeks off in the summer so I could go on the Europe at War study abroad trip. I was one of the recipients of the Mehdi Heravi Scholarship this year, which made it possible for me to participate in the study abroad experience. The trip itself was absolutely fantastic! I have always wanted to study abroad, and this was the perfect one to start with since I’ve always wanted to see how different countries remember World War I and World War II. One of the most memorable moments of the trip was walking through the cemeteries. On the inscribed headstone of a British soldier buried in Belgium, family members described their loss as follows: “We gave our best. –Mum and Dad.” The words are so simple but powerful. 


Berlin WallAnna Hubbard at the British Imperial War Museum
with a piece of the Berlin Wall