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Announcements and Events 

All in-person events are currently cancelled. For up-to-date information:

January 28 (THU) 7-8:30 PM 
Household Management and Cookery in Early Modern Europe (Phebe Jensen & Tammy Proctor)

Recording and modern recipes! Episode 2
February 16 (TUE) 7-8:30 PM

Recording Recipes: 19th century Mexican and Jewish Cuisine (Eliza Rosenberg & Jamie Sanders)
Recording and modern recipes! Episode 2
March 16 (TUE) 7-8:30 PM
From Wartime Rationing to Julia Child: Changing American Kitchens (Sue Grayzel & Laura Gelfand)
ZOOM LINK (episode 3)
April 15 (THU) 7-8:30 PM
From Mayonnaise Desserts to Farm-to-Table: Changing American Kitchens (Victoria Grieve & Jeannie Sur)
ZOOM LINK (episode 4)

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A degree in history provides valuable research, writing, and critical thinking skills that prepare students for a variety of careers. Read more about how you can use a degree in history, and what our undergraduates and graduates have gone on to do.

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The Department of History provides many resources to help undergraduate and graduate students fund their education. Click for more information on our scholarships, internships, student employment opportunities, travel awards, and annual writing awards. 

History department news

traditional Navajo Teachings

Faculty Bob McPherson publishes Traditional Navajo Teachings: A Trilogy


For those interested in Navajo beliefs, the orientation is more on how and why Navajos think about this world and their experiences in it rather than a detailed explanation of specific ceremonies....

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