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Interdisciplinary programs

History department faculty members often provide teaching support to interdisciplinary programs across the university including:American Studies, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Museum Studies and Native American Studies, among others.

American Studies

The American Studies Program is housed in the English department and co-sponsored by the history department. The program offers students a sophisticated understanding of the issues, histories, and relationships that shape North American culture, past and present. With focus areas in the American West, Canadian and Mexican Borderlands, American history, literature, folklore, creative non-fiction, studies in visual culture, and the environment, the American Studies program allows students to forge an individualized plan of coursework that crosses both geographical and historical boundaries. For more information, contact Dr. Keri Holt (English) at

Native American Studies

The Native American Studies Program is an interdisciplinary minor that combines expertise from faculty members across colleges and campuses. For more information, contact Dr. Judson Finley (Anthropology) at