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Undergraduate research

Utah State University is one of the premier undergraduate research institutions in the nation. Since 1975 the USU Undergraduate Research Program has enabled students to partner with faculty on path-breaking investigations. The university’s undergraduate research program is the second oldest program in the country, following only behind MIT. Learn more about undergraduate research by visiting the university's research website or by contacting faculty members you would like to work with directly.

Recent Research Grants and Faculty/Student Collaborations

Dr. Susan Cogan & Frankie Urrutia Smith


Frankie Urrutia Smith and Dr. Cogan worked together on an international history nano-project in cooperation with faculty in Canada.

Dr. Julia Gossard & Arie French

Arie French
Arie French and Dr. Gossard worked on a project examining women brought to North America under the auspices of the French crown during the early modern period.

Dr. Tammy Proctor & Cody Patton

Cody Patton

Cody Patton traveled to Missoula, Montana, with Dr. Proctor in order to consult the papers of US diplomat, James Gerard, for a project on World War I internment. He presented his part of the work at the Phi Alpha Theta conference in New Orleans in January 2018.