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History Department Head, Tammy Proctor Reflects on Exotic WWI Spy Mata Hari in Worldwide BBC Program.





Dr. Daniel McInerney was named the 2016 Recipient of the Troyer Steele Anderson Prize from the American Historical Association for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the purposes of the association. He will be recognized for his work with the AHA’s Tuning project at the AHA annual meeting in Denver in January 2017.


Dr. David R. Lewis  

Dr. David Rich Lewis has been awarded the LeRoy S. Axland Utah History Article Award for his piece “Skull Valley Goshutes and the Politics of Place, Identity, and Sovereignty in Rural Utah (2015). He was recognized at the  Utah State History Conference last week in West Valley City. The meeting’s theme: “Rural Utah, Western Issues.”




Election 2016:Opportunities and Challenges

Jan. 25, 2017

Panel discussion of the election and its impact...

History in Action

History in Action

Nov. 22, 2016

Melissa Allen


Dr. Susan Cogan Published

Dr. Susan Cogan Published

Oct. 18, 2016

Melissa Allen

Dr. Susan Cogan has just had an article appear online in advance of the print version in the journal, Archive for Reformation History. Her article is entitled "Building the Badge of God: Architectural...

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