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Degree programs

Prospective graduate students in history must choose one of five options, and all require a minimum of 30 semester graduate credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree:

Master of Arts, Thesis Plan A
Master of Arts, Thesis Plan B
Master of Science, Thesis Plan A
Master of Science, Thesis Plan B

Master of Arts / Master of Science

Incoming students to the History graduate program must declare their intended program of study (MA or MS).

Students who intend to continue their education in a Ph.D. program are encouraged to apply for the Master of Arts (MA) degree, which requires the successful completion of two years of foreign language study at the undergraduate level, successful completion of a language exam, or by taking and passing a 3000-level language course. It is recommended that students arrange for testing or initiate language study upon arriving at USU.

Please note that a student’s committee might require language proficiency (and the M.A. degree) because of the research topic the student proposes. The committee reserves the right to require a demonstration of foreign language competence through successful completion of a language exam or by taking and passing a language course at an appropriate level. In all cases, each student’s committee will individually assess a student's language status.

To receive a Master of Science (MS) in History, students are required to take a 3-credit graduate-level course in a field relevant to their program of study. Relevant courses might include museum studies, archives, computer science, statistics, natural resources/environment, anthropology, or other applied science. The course must be approved by the student’s committee.

The completion of the additional graduate course or languages as prerequisites for a graduate degree will not count toward the 30 credits required for the degree.

History thesis plans