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Public History

Our Program

USU History MA/MS students who complete internships are strong candidates for public history positions. However, a formal public history emphasis indicates to employers that graduates are prepared to communicate historical thinking, research, and writing to a variety of audiences and clients in innovative and ethical ways. 

Below you'll find helpful information about the public history track available to graduate students. For more information, or if you have further questions, contact Dr. Rebecca Andersen at or 435-797-4159.

Dr. Rebecca Andersen
Lecturer in public history 
Internship Coordinator

Rebecca Andersen

Justin Hall
“Start looking at volunteer and internship opportunities as early as you can. Don’t be married to one path, even within the museum field. There’s a lot of tracks between exhibit development, education, and curation.” 

--Justin Hall, BA ’06 / MA ’09, Curator at Hill Aerospace Museum

Brad Hansen
"My work helps preserve and protect Montana's historic places and cultural resources, and that feels good at the end of the day."

--Brad Hansen, MS '13, Montana Historical Society