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This is your graduate degree; make sure the program is a good match in terms of your interests and ultimate goals. If you have questions and concerns, contact appropriate department members.


The University requires all students pursuing graduate study to apply for admission directly to the graduate school. This process requires the submission of an application fee, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and transcripts. Only completed applications are forwarded electronically to the History Department Graduate Selection Committee, which reviews and ranks them.

Apply early

Sometimes GRE scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation can be lost in the mail or slow to arrive. Moreover, the staff of the graduate school needs time to process application materials for departments across the campus. It is your responsibility to check that all of your required materials have arrived at USU. Nominations for the key graduate school fellowships occur near the end of February, and applications must be complete to be considered.


We will hold places for you in our graduate classes, but you will want to register early for language classes which tend to fill up quickly. Try to arrive in Logan a few weeks before the semester begins so you can register.


Start looking for housing early in the summer before the fall semester you intend to enroll. Visiting Logan and looking for an apartment in person is the best approach. Many students, however, must secure housing over the telephone. Call the housing office or contact one of the apartment finding services listed in the Logan yellow pages. Additionally, current graduate students may be of some assistance in helping you locate housing.


If at all possible, contact us and plan to visit Logan and Utah State University before making a final decision about attending. Meet your potential advisor, talk to current graduate students, and examine the city. Logan is situated in a scenic mountain valley and provides year-round activities for those who like the outdoors, especially hiking, fishing, camping, and winter sports. Salt Lake City, a 90-minute drive from Logan, offers many of the attractions of a larger metropolitan community.