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Student Internships

At both the graduate and undergraduate level, students may earn credit toward their history degree by completing a history-related internship. Any work setting or work project that allows a student to apply his or her historical training may qualify as an internship experience.

It's up to students to make the initial contact with a potential employer, work out a viable work-for-credit program, and complete the contract form. Only after the Department of History has formally approved the student request form will they be signed into an internship course.

While many students take internships in the greater Salt Lake City Area, we encourage students to take every opportunity available and use the summer semester as an opportunity to seek more competitive and out-of-state internships.

Please remember that competitive internships will have applications that will be due some 6 months in advance. Below you’ll find a number of resources to help assist in your search for an internship.
LandonLandon Wilkey 
Intern, Hill Aerospace Museum

Find an Internship
Before you begin your search, set up a meeting with the internship coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Andersen, to discuss your interest in completing an internship. Then use the resources below to explore opportunities. 


Once you've found an internship, applied, and your application has been accepted, you'll need to meet with your site mentor to make an official one-page proposal that outlines your duties. This proposal should include the name and contact information of the site mentor, a detailed description of the student's tasks and responsibilities, and the expectations of the site mentor. Your site mentor must mail or email this to Rebecca Andersen ( You will also need to turn in a copy of this one-page proposal, along with your internship contract. Once Dr. Andersen has your contract, proposal, and the letter from your site mentor, you can register for internship credits.

You'll need to create an account through Aggie Sync in order to log your internship hours and submit your weekly notes. These notes are mandatory and must describe in detail what you accomplish at your internship each week. They will also become a crucial resource in the next step of the internship experience.  

Once you've completed your internship, you will submit a 3-5 page reflection of the internship experience, relying on the weekly notes you kept in Aggie Sync. Your site mentor must also complete a final evaluation of your work and send it to Rebecca Andersen ( You will then receive credit for your internship.