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Affiliated Events

August 26

6:30: Cache Celebration of Suffrage at the Historic Courthouse in Logan

Cache Celebrations Event
The Cache Celebrations event was a success and the speakers were amazing!

7:30: UNLADYLIKE2020 Documentary Series Screening and Discussion at the Utah Theatre. Masks and social distancing required.    



September 22, 23, 24, 6:00-8:00 PM

America, Are We Ready For The Election: Labor, the Pandemic, and Race

UPR will offer 3 national conversations on the themes of labor, the pandemic, and racial justice. Each program will be hosted by WNYC’s Brian Lehrer with special guests, ride along co-hosts, and of course, calls from listeners everywhere. As always, these programs will be inclusive, fact-based, and centered on the core value that listening to one another - across different regions, different experiences and assumptions, and different backgrounds - is healthy for us as individuals and as a democracy. 

This year has taken twists and turns we hadn’t planned for and certainly never hoped for, and America, Are We Ready? has adapted to bring Americans together around unpredictable and unprecedented challenges. Joe Biden clinched the nomination by late February, and a few weeks later, the entire country was overcome by a pandemic of historic proportions. In May and June, our series turned to a national conversation about race, violence, and social justice, following the murder of George Floyd and the national uprising that is ongoing. Today, local leaders across the country struggle to re-open their economies carefully as unemployment grips the nation and the pandemic continues. Through all this, it will soon be time to go to the polls, or more likely in 2020, to send in our ballots by mail.  

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